Cuban Mahogany leaf Welcome Cuban Mahogany leaf

Despite common belief...
Cuban Mahogany is available
through our family-owned, sustainably-harvested plantation in the South Pacific.

We are currently harvesting in Palau to restock inventory!

There is no minimum amount of wood to order.  Instead you buy only the amount of wood that you need for the project you are working on.  No project packs where you are forced to purchase more than you need such as 25bf, 50bf, and 100bf pack sizes!

As worldwide suppliers of Cuban Mahogany and other exotic woods, we can ship anywhere these wood species which are ideal for many applications.
          Our Wood Species   Applications of Our Woods

Cuban Mahogany  Swietenia mahagoni

• Alexandria Laurel  Calophyllum inophyllum

• Narra (Amboyna)  Pterocarpus indicus

  Fine Furniture
Architectural Millwork
Boat and Airplane Interiors
Musical Instruments
Automobile Dashboards
Jewelry Boxes
Writing Instruments

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About Our Company
Blue Moon Exotic Wood is owned and operated by the Basilius Family, who have an exotic woods plantation on the Republic of Palau in the South Pacific islands of Micronesia.  Our rare timber is milled in Palau, shipped to Upstate New York to be kiln dried and stored at our home office/warehouse in Ithaca, New York.  Our fine wood can be shipped FOB Ithaca, New York, anywhere in the world.

We are committed to producing sustainably-harvested premium grade plantation grown lumber.  Through responsible, long-term management of these wood species, we can provide a lasting source of some of the finest tropical timbers in the world.

Blue Moon Exotic Wood, LLC
Tai Basilius, President

1300 Kraft Road
Ithaca, NY  14850-9513

Telephone:  607-387-5183
Alternate telephone:  607-279-9022

Email:  bluemoonexoticwood@twcny.rr.com